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Easy Projects Outlook Add In

The Outlook add-in makes it possible to sync tasks, contacts and calendar, as well as to get quick access
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27 January 2014

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This plug-in adds a “easy projects” set of features to the Outlook.

Major kinds of features added to Outlook through this plug-in are the Sync tasks, create and edit tasks, converting emails to tasks and projects, import of contacts and calendar, create projects, real-time message board and weekly time logs, etc. There is a new tab added to the Outlook menu ribbon. The sync task features help the user to make changes to tasks and projects in Outlook and are synchronized with Easy Projects in real time. It will be possible to create and edit tasks in your Easy Projects account right from Outlook. Assigning members and uploading attachments is simple through the “create and edit tasks” features. Tasks can be created from emails too and takes only a few clicks. Attachments from email are added as attachments to Easy Projects activities and projects.

Import contacts and calendar features help import users’ and customer’s information. You would be able to import your Calendar schedule into Outlook. Time management through Outlook is simple. Projects need to be created in “Easy Projects” account. The real time message board features ensure that you are able to communicate with project members in real time. The chat history can be saved in the program in Easy Projects activity or project message board. Assignments/ tasks can be entered for entire week period. The team members will be able to view their assignments, update status and progress, synchronize calendar and contacts, attach files to projects & activities and many other project related activities. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

Publisher's description

This allows you to interact with Easy Projects without leaving Outlook. It's perfect for tracking projects, checking tasks, quick updates and attaching files.
This great tool allows your team to:
-View their assignments;
-Update status and progress;
-Synchronize calendar and contacts;
-Attach files to projects & activities;
-And much more…
There are some really cool features that we're really excited about…
Convert E-mail to Activity
The add-in will allow you to take any email in your mailbox and with just a few clicks convert it into a new task transferring over all attachments.
Real-time Collaboration via Messenger
Using the Messenger functionality you can chat with other team members in real time and the entire communication history will be saved in a task or a project.
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Easy Projects Outlook Add In
Easy Projects Outlook Add In
Version 2.0.1
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